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“Giving for Good” – Santa Shoebox Project 2015

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The Santa Shoebox project originated in Cape Town; whereby donors make up and donate shoeboxes to children whose names, ages and genders are known.

The boxes are donated to numerous facilities around South Africa and Namibia.

With the theme for 2015 being “Giving for Good”; FZP Apartment Rentals took the opportunity to give back and donated 10 shoeboxes over and above our employees individual donations.

Since we had not yet put together a project for our Corporate Social Responsibility for 2015, we thought getting involved in the Santa Shoebox Project would be a great and fun initiative. So it was!

IMG-20151027-WA0023- SS IMG-20151027-WA0022- SS IMG-20151027-WA0015- SS

Not only was if fun shopping for the kids but this gesture also had all the ladies in the office come together as a team to pack and wrap the boxes; whilst having loads of fun.

We also had some fun on social media, by challenging the hospitality groups and hotels in Cape Town to participate and pledge boxes.

We hope to participate in the future and encourage all to do so. Remember every little bit helps.

IMG-20151027-WA0001- SS    IMG-20151027-WA0025- SS IMG-20151027-WA0027 - SS

For more info and to join us in contributing visit; http://www.santashoebox.co.za/


img_1_311Early in 2010, FZP decided to become involved in one of the major challenges which faces South Africans – housing. A family of 5 living in a 1 room “shack” in Khayelitsha, was in desperate need of proper housing.

Cordelia and her family (husband and 3 children), lived in a one room shack (see picture). On the left of the room was a double bunk bed for the 3 children, and on the right a single bed for both parents. The only separation between this sleeping arrangement was a table with little stove on the one side, and a fridge on the other side. One small window above the “kitchen” table allowed the only light into the room. Their was no bathroom, toilet, or even running water. Holes in the walls and roof were clearly visible, and during the stormy winter months, wind and rain would enter from all sides, causing the people living there sleepless nights.

A solid brick house on the market was identified that would suit the family’s needs. It comprised of a large living room (lounge & dining), a kitchen, a bathroom, and 2 bedrooms. The house even had ceilings – Perfect!

FZP purchased the house for the family, and a day was set aside when all the staff got involved in doing their bit for the community. The walls were all painted, and the torn plastic flooring was replaced with ceramic tiles throughout. A geyser was fitted and warm water taps installed in the bathroom and kitchen.

In place of living out of cardboard boxes and plastic bags, the family now has two proper wardrobes – one in each bedroom. Curtains and blinds for all the windows were also donated.

All of us at FZP are extremely proud to have been involved in this life changing experience, and wish Cordelia and her family many happy years in their new house.