4 restaurants to visit in Cape Town this winter

Cape Town residents are surrounded by the most beautiful mountains and oceans in the world. Understandably they experience a bout of cabin fever every year when they have to trade in the beloved flip-flops in favour of wellingtons and heavy coats during winter.

Although Cape Town is a great place to be during summer, you are certainly not left with nothing to do on a cold winters evening.

Here is a list of 4 great restaurants to visit to ease those winter blues. All of them are situated in or around Cape Town’s CBD with a great selection of wines and craft beers. And if the wines are not enough to warm you up, each of these restaurants have fireplaces.

Societi Restaurant

You won’t find cosier than this anywhere else. The reason for this is that this restaurant is actually a restored Victorian home. This Cape Town restaurant has managed to keep their homely feel and in so doing made patrons feel like they are in their own dining room.

Their amazing menu and wine list are enough to help you forget about the rainy cold winter evenings. If that is not enough, why not book Chef’s table. Watching their in-house chef work his magic is sure to leave you refreshed and inspired. The food is out-of-this world!

La Mouette Restaurant

Say what you want, there are very few things more spectacular than a Cape Town thunderstorm. Why not improve on perfection by enjoying the finest in French cuisine in front of a beautiful fire place in the aptly named winters lounge? Paired with some of the best wines at their disposal this makes for the perfect winter experience.


Conveniently situated opposite the Cape Town stadium, Extrablatt offers the perfect spot to warm up those cold finger tips after waving your lighter for your favourite singer or band at the stadium. With a selection of the best German cuisine and crisp European beer on tap, this is definitely a spot to come and thaw this winter.


Unlike any of the restaurants on the list, Galbi offers something a little more unique. Galbi offers a range of local meats and game on their menus.  Customers cook the meat over an open flame in the middle of the table, perfectly marrying South African meat with  a Korean style of preparation This style of cooking is popular at all most Galbi houses throughout Korea.

As much as Cape Town is known for hot summer’s days, there is something to be said for enjoying of the best wines in the world, in front of beautiful fireplace while watching thick heavy clouds roll in over Table Mountain.

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